About Us

Born in August of 2015, STRONGWILL is quickly becoming one of the leaders in human performance. Integrating mental toughness training, life coaching, motivational fitness, sports performance, and corporate wellness, STRONGWILL is helping individuals unlock their hidden potential and achieve uncommon results.

Our Identity

Our Mission

STRONGWILL is designed to help individuals from all walks of life achieve their maximum potential on personal and professional levels. Providing an integrated training method that conditions the mind, body, and spirit, we seek to provide our clients with the tools they will need for lifelong health, happiness, and success.

Our Vision

STRONGWILL expects its client base to grow tenfold and expand its reach to global audiences within the next five years. We seek to become one of the health and fitness industry’s leading human performance companies by providing clients with the best possible guidance in general wellness, mental toughness training, and leadership development.

Our Promise

The STRONGWILL promise is one of unfailing dedication to our clients. We will always go above and beyond to provide you with cutting-edge, comprehensive programs to keep you happy and healthy. It has been said that most individuals are 20 times more capable than they believe themselves to be. It’s our job to put that theory to the test and help you achieve the “impossible.”

Meet the Founder

Cole Rodgers

Cole Rodgers

Business professional, husband, father, author, and founder of STRONGWILL, Cole wears many hats. But all of his roles share a common goal: To help others. While STRONGWILL adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to help its clients find balance and success, fundamentally, the program is designed to help individuals discover their true purpose—what Cole refers to as their “why” in life.

Here is Cole’s “why,” in his own words:

I am on this earth to lead, mentor, coach, and be a great family man, so that I can positively impact those around me. I want to not only make their lives better, but also create deep, rewarding experiences that will give my life meaning. My own true potential is met when I help others reach theirs.